Project-Based Outsourcing

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Some organizations have projects with low- to medium-level of complexity that outsourcing become the preferred engagement solution in order to save on cost and maximize existing resources. This option is preferred for organizations with limited staffing but constant supply of irregular but on-going or one-off projects.

For critical business or project with well-defined requirements the offshore development model brings an immediate resources solution. This is the most appropriate engagement service to address the need for a readily-available resources, particularly for projects that involve the development of websites, software or any creative outcome.

As well as giving organizations with the flexibility to focus on its core competencies, the project-based development outsourcing model gives paramount importance to the benefits earned from faster time-to-market, immediate realization of cost savings, operational flexibility, and better access to technology experts.

Our project-based development model is built on a variety of full-spectrum project development cycle models from project definition to the deployment and post-development support.

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