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Data Entry Work is one the most outsourced services in the Philippines due to the low costs and efficiency of the Filipino workforce.

Outsourcing your Data Entry work is one of the best strategic decisions a company can make, it allows you to focus more on the core functions of your business while the outsourcing partner takes care of all the Data Entry tasks.

Many organizations have outsourced their data entry work to offshore locations. It is advantageous for companies to do so as it increases flexibility and minimizes cost. Aside from that, outsourcing your Data Entry work means that Data Entry Specialists and Analysts will be provided to you – which ensures technological agility and high accuracy.

Here in Big Outsource, the range of data entry services that we offer include text and numeric data entry of any forms or invoice, data conversion, database migration and word processing. Text as well as image data entry service is also the most sought-after services. We utilize our data entry facilities, Data Entry Specialists, Analysts and Technological infrastructure to ensure that your forms, manuscripts, invoice and other documents are safe with us.

Our service starts with the hiring process to make sure that the Data Entry Specialist that you acquire would be the perfect fit for your various needs. Our first requirement is for our clients to provide us a certain set of skills that the Specialist needs to possess, then we will create a shortlist of the best possible candidates from our current talent pool and have the client interview them. The client then chooses which Specialist to hire, and finally; the chosen specialist would start working on your project.

Another advantage when outsourcing with us is that we have low attrition rates, the Specialists stay since we take good care of our employees by providing above industry compensation and benefits.

But realistically, there will always be unforseen circumstances wherein the Specialist you hired wouldn’t be able to come to work since they’re out sick or on leave. Our answer for that is by providing relievers who will work on behalf of your chosen Specialist(s) in the event that they will not be able to work on a certain day, so that the service provided to you will not be disrupted. These relievers are also Data Entry Specialists that Big Outsource employs – they are skilled, competent and globally competitive workers.

Aside from having relievers for your Specialist(s), we also have In-house Managers and Supervisors that oversee the day-to-day operations of your project. They are the backbone of every project as they are the ones who closely monitor the performance of your team, conduct trainings and performance assessments. They report directly to the clients and provide them with Daily and Weekly reports on the milestones that the Specialists achieved, they can also provide innovative ideas that could help increase the productivity and maximize the assets working on your project. It does not matter if you have an individual or a whole team of Specialists, as long as you’re with Big Outsource – you will always have a professional and competent Supervisor managing your project.

The Data Entry service that we provide is also highly customizable depending on the context and nature of our Business Partners. We accept any and all forms of files, including hand-written documents, hard-copy manuscripts, microfilm and images. Our cutting edge data entry processing infrastructure allows us to provide and meet our clients short-term and long-term business requirements, from simple data entry to more demanding and complex data entry projects.

We not only deliver fast results and data, we also also maintain strict quality assurance guidelines to make sure that our service always delivers and meets the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. We pride ourselves on being reliable, dependable and flexible. Our constant performance measurement and strict quality control gives you the assurance that the Data Entry Projects you outsource will be delivered on time, handled accurately and efficiently – so you can save on cost and take advantage of the benefits of our offshore data entry service.

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