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In the business landscape, growing companies each face a unique set of challenges. One such challenge is the handling of an ever-increasing volume of inbound calls. For businesses where budget is a critical factor and justifying the expense of an outsourced dedicated call center team seems daunting, a shared customer experience agent could be the ideal solution.

Big Outsource is here to offer shared agent solutions. These solutions not only provide significant cost savings, but they also enable companies to dedicate staff to handle different clients. We understand the stress that shared agents can experience, juggling the diverse knowledge and demands of different clients. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy to tackle these challenges head-on. We ensure you only pay for the actual time your outsourced staff spends communicating with your customers, mitigating cost concerns.

Our shared customer experience agents are at your disposal, handling all your transactions as needed. From answering product queries and processing orders to managing emails and live chats, your shared agents will do it all. They’re available whenever you need them, offering a level of flexibility that’s hard to match.

Moreover, our shared inbound call center service is designed with your ROI in mind. We cater to a wide array of businesses across both B2B and B2C markets, including e-commerce, consumer goods, services, and healthcare. Companies choose us for the flexibility and savings they derive from our service. This is the Big Outsource difference!

Our shared agents aren’t just available during normal business hours. They’re on hand to help after hours and over the weekends, extending coverage times to suit your needs. During peak seasons or times of high call volumes, we ensure that an agent is there to meet your needs. We operate on a 24/7/365 cycle, so your business never has to face a customer service lapse.

At Big Outsource, we use custom-built software and a secure infrastructure to deliver a seamless customer experience. We provide a multi-channel approach to help your customers communicate with our agents, ensuring your customers enjoy the best call experience.

Experience the Big Outsource difference. Take the first step towards optimizing your business operations and improving your customer experience with our flexible, cost-effective shared agent solutions. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Where to Start?

The first step in determining whether shared agent solution is for you is to determine your call volume and call type.

To get an idea how many inbound calls your company receive every month, pull reports of call data. Observe the call arrival patterns. Recall what part of the day or week racks up the most volume. Also, determine the seasons where you get the highest volume spikes.

When it comes to determining call type, the first question to ask should center on the type of inbound calls you are expecting. What transactions you need the call center service the most? Is it order-taking, live chatting, and the likes? Will you let your shared agents handle or access your website when performing their tasks?

Now, when do we call shared agents the best option? Typically, companies find the shared call center model the best choice when they are looking for agents to handle simpler calls, call volumes are lighter but can still be affordable. Let us know your needs and we’re here to give you a good assessment which model best suits your needs. Send us an email

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