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Growing companies are not created equal and that includes the challenges they face. Often, they need someone to handle their too many inbound calls internally. If budget is a big factor and outsourcing a team of dedicated call center agents is apparently hard to justify at this time, hiring a shared customer experience agent may be for you.

Cost savings, as well as allowing our customers to dedicate staff to handling different clients, are two key advantages companies that opt for shared agent solutions get. As for the downsides to consider, however, stress is one. When shared agents perform different tasks as they juggle diverse knowledge of different clients, such can be stressful. Not the least, the big mess of having to deal with various demands and trainings required by different clients.

Which is why at Big Outsource, we strive to address these dilemmas while we treat every customer’s outsourcing needs according to their unique requirements and priorities as well. For instance, our customers get to pay only for the actual time their outsourced staff is communicating with their customers.

With us, our shared customer experience agents will handle all your transactions on an as-needed basis. Whether it is answering product questions, emailing, live chatting or processing orders, name it and your shared agents customer experience experts will do everything for you anytime you need them.

Apart from meeting your unique needs, our shared inbound call center service solution drives optimal ROI for you. Companies across a range of B2B and B2C markets, e-commerce and consumer goods, services, and healthcare, among other sectors approach us for the flexibility and savings they derive from our offers. All things considered, that is the Big Outsource difference!

Plus, not only do we make sure your shared agent are available on a normal business day. If you need them after-hours or over the weekend (when your in-house call center is closed), you can use and extend the coverage of your shared agents’ work for you.

Then during call volume spikes – be that on a day, evening, weekends or during peak seasonal business periods, we can assign a shared agent to address your needs. We make this shared agent call center services available on a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year cycle.

To ensure that you get the best service efficiency, we use a custom-built software and secure infrastructure to allow our agents to seamlessly respond to your customers’ needs. We also provide your customers the best call experience through different channels that your customers are available to communicate with our agents.

Where to Start?

The first step in determining whether shared agent solution is for you is to determine your call volume and call type.

To get an idea how many inbound calls your company receive every month, pull reports of call data. Observe the call arrival patterns. Recall what part of the day or week racks up the most volume. Also, determine the seasons where you get the highest volume spikes.

When it comes to determining call type, the first question to ask should center on the type of inbound calls you are expecting. What transactions you need the call center service the most? Is it order-taking, live chatting, and the likes? Will you let your shared agents handle or access your website when performing their tasks?

Now, when do we call shared agents the best option? Typically, companies find the shared call center model the best choice when they are looking for agents to handle simpler calls, call volumes are lighter but can still be affordable. Let us know your needs and we’re here to give you a good assessment which model best suits your needs. Send us an email

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