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Transcription is one of the non-core functions that many organizations today are outsourcing.

Among business and medical health organizations, tracking of oral communications is relevant in running an organized company or institution. Transcriptions of meetings, interviews, and professional practice are important modes of communications in the performance of business processes along with the use of emails, chat, and short message services (SMS).

Transcribing the various business and professional-related communications can prove to be a valuable reference tool whereby the key points during conversations can be stored and then filed, allowing the recording of the oral communications to be reviewed, audited, and then evaluated. The Big Outsource team of transcriptionists are expertly trained to deliver fast, accurate, and efficient transcription services based on your specific needs and quality assurance requirements. Currently, our transcription agents perform the transcription of the usual business processes such as meetings, conferences, seminars, dictations, interviews, legal hearings and other legal proceedings, including medical forensics procedures, among many of the likes.