Outbound Appointment Setting and Live Transfers

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Telemarketing is the business of direct selling whereby sales agents offer products or services to prospective customers across different channels of communications including voice, email, chat and text. The prospects of such marketing and sales programmes are countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K., and other developed nations with the aid of telecommunication facilities and equipments.

At Big Outsource, whose experience with both inbound and outbound sales span commercial and consumer clients, we are mindful of the common mistakes and errors of some outsourcing providers who lack the expertise and grasp of this business process because any wrong move could lead to customers and even prospective customers’ annoyance when the latter discovered that the person soliciting from the customers to buy a product or service is an agent. These inbound and outbound sales agents can in fact provide the convenience to customers who will no longer need to go outside to purchase an item.

Inbound and outbound sales are sub-categories under telemarketing outsourcing service. The inbound and outbound sales force is the group frequently outsourced because the sales and lead generation analysis are commonly done in-house or by the preferred marketing organisation of the company. The Philippines obviously has a clear advantage in regard to outbound and inbound workforce over other countries that offer similar outsourcing service due to the Filipinos’ fluency and accuracy in conversing and communicating using the English language.