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One of the most common outsourcing solutions around, the dedicated staffing model, is geared for businesses with limited supply of in-house talent or team of skilled staff. It is common because obtaining high-value professionals and investing in employment enrichment programs are challenging as well as costly.

This outsourcing option is designed to fill our clients’ medium to long-term business or project needs. We also understand that these clients may be at an early stage of business or while they may be large corporations, are not yet ready to establish their own subsidiary or business hub in a strategic location.

A development center or team is generally comprised of full-time resources who will be responsible to work exclusively on our clients’ project for a short or prolonged period of time. In some respect, your dedicated team becomes a dedicated virtual extension of your company in the Philippines.

As your partner, Big Outsource is tasked to ensure that the necessary facilities and infrastructure are provided, alongside the creation of a development team where all the required staffing levels are met. Moreover, we adhere to high quality service delivery that spans tasking ourselves to address administrative functions, infrastructure support, and human resource management.

Our processes have been designed with specific focus to meet industry standards that are aligned to any organization’s business objectives. Best of all, we hire dedicated and high-performance talent acquisition staff to find the best talents and execute our processes.

Organizations may lease an individual, a pair or a dedicated team depending on their current to future business or project needs. Clients that possess outsourcing experience sometimes look up at this model as a transitionary phase that will pave the way for the establishment of a captive component in their desired location of the outsourcing provider.

Due to its expertise and best practice business processes, Big Outsource gains the flexibility to turn its clients’ dedicated staff hub into a captive operation. Of course, this opportunity is often explored at a certain point in the future of our clients when the value of this model — or after seeing that the dedicated team serves as a pilot project — has been achieved.

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