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Imagine having a team of dedicated, skilled professionals at your disposal, without the hassle and expense of recruitment or employee enrichment programs. That’s the power of dedicated staffing – a popular outsourcing solution perfect for businesses that are experiencing a shortage of in-house talent. Designed for businesses grappling with a limited supply of in-house talent or a team of skilled staff, this model is a game-changer. It eliminates the challenges and high costs associated with obtaining high-value professionals and investing in employee enrichment programs.

Big Outsource provides full-time resources that act as an extension of your company in the Philippines, handling your medium to long-term business or project needs. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a large corporation not yet ready to establish your own offshore hub, we cater to your unique needs. The dedicated team, exclusively working on your projects, injects efficiency and expertise into your business operations.

But that’s not all. At Big Outsource, we go beyond simply providing manpower. We ensure all necessary facilities, infrastructure, and a development team that meets your staffing levels. What’s more, you can free yourself from the burdens of administrative functions, infrastructure support, and human resource management. Our commitment to quality service delivery, adherence to industry standards, and alignment with your business objectives sets us apart.

We’re not just about filling positions; we’re about finding the right talent. Our high-performance talent acquisition staff ensures only the best and most suitable professionals join your team. Whether you need an individual, a pair, or a dedicated team, Big Outsource is ready to cater to your current and future business needs.

Take the first step towards transforming your business operations. Consider Big Outsource’s dedicated staffing model as a stepping stone, a transitionary phase, towards establishing a captive component in your desired location. Experience the Big Outsource difference – where expertise meets flexibility. Reach out to us today and explore the potential of turning your dedicated staff hub into a captive operation when the time is right. With Big Outsource, you gain a partner that can adapt to your needs, every step of the way.

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