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Designing for the print and digital media, and now mobile platforms are often done organically by organizations for their marketing, advertising, and Interweb initiatives. Creating engaging print publications such as magazines, newspapers, brochures and leaflets require strong graphic and print design sensibilities and discipline.

The web medium, which one of the more recent platforms around, utilizes the strength and power of graphic design for print purposes. In like manner, the newest baby of modern technology, the mobile platform, is also immensely dependent to what graphic and print design can do.

It begs repeating the Filipino talent pool – creative, reliable, and culturally-influenced and shaped by Western sensibilities – whose arts roots can be traced from the Philippines’ more than three millennium of a mixture of European, American, and Asian conquerors that landed in this small country. The rich natural resources of this land have exposed the Filipinos to inherent beauty and patterns of aesthetics that in latter times their artistry were molded by creative and multimedia arts education that are generally-Western in approach.

Big Outsource is just one of the many outsourcing firms that offer similar service. The difference that we offer does not solely rest to the approaches and design philosophies that we adhere to. Besides that, graphic design for print and other related media at Big Outsource is cultivated as a an organizational culture that we adopt and hone from top. It’s a strategy, a process, and we submit that graphic design is something that we find inherent in our DNA. Whatever design approach and style that you want, we are confident we have the available resources and means, including competitive creative team who can attend to your needs.