Art and Creative Direction

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Any form of production, from start to deployment, to be considered art or creative must employ consistency, coherence, style and direction.

In the hands of an able art director, clarity of purpose and message will always start in sound conceptualization and his confident handling of all the inherent production processes. In print publications, an art director is in charge or handles all the steps in producing the print material. He or she makes sure that a print magazine require a unifying theme so all the articles and photos to be written and taken, respectively, are contributory in blending smoothly to the theme and not one will destroy the coherence or unity of all elements. The graphic design works are also expected to synch in and portray the edition’s theme.

Meanwhile in audio-video output, the creative director takes charge or the chef who dishes out all the ingredients to making even a single production satisfy and engage the audience. He makes sure he’s both concept and idea vettor so that before copywriting or storyboarding is initiated, the projected and expected production builds on a certain foundation. The production phase whereby photo or video shooting and rehearsals would also expect the creative director’s presence. Finally it is during post-production where the creative director provides able guidance to ensure that no details of the whole project are forsaken, neglected or botched.

Art and creative directions may be concerned with evoking feelings and sensations through art and creativity out of the production that will be developed. With guidance from an in-house advertising and marketing experts, other levels of why productions are undertaken – to compel users to adopt or purchase a product or embrace a brand – will also be undertaken. The Big Outsource approach to this service involves a wide outsourcing solutions spectrum that includes leased staffing and projects-based cooperation.