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We are Big Outsource, a company that believes in ensuring proven, reliable, and competent offshoring options to our valued clients and partners.

We are aware that through the best understanding of both parties’ shared values, we’ll be able to bridge the gap between needs and growth goals of our clients. We deem these values will keep us guided in approaching and performing a range of functions in the best way that we possibly can. Here are key values at work at Big Outsource.

Our client means everything to us.

We obsess in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We show and prove this by recruiting high-value talents and investing in sophisticated facilities and systems in a way that are contributory to help clients get the most value out of their investment in partnering with us. Best of all, we design our outsourcing services to fit our clients’ requirements and context. Part of this obsession is going beyond our means that allow our partners to leverage their business through outsourcing, and finally making them realize that outsourcing is a sound business strategy.

We hire the exceptional and the best.

The believe that the best talents are rare. That is why we invest in finding and hiring them. Our accountability starts once we find the right talent for our clients’ business. Once we find them, we treat them as our very own. We will not only focus our energy in keeping, inspiring and motivating our high-value talent. Because we believe more than a team member, our staff are like family to us and that’s where we make sure that our line of communication is established efficiently for us to have a healthy feedback system.

Since our relationship with our staff is important to us, and being aware that our people work for a living, we offer them above industry-level compensations, work-related bonuses, performance bonuses, promotions and more. Training and coaching are also constantly supplied to make them competent and reliable in satisfying our clients’ satisfaction.

We never compromise.

Nor we settle for anything less. It is our belief that in order to raise the performance bar within our team and to help improve our business process outsourcing solutions, we adhere to our No. 1 promise – ensuring service quality. We live by this value which we ensure by being both effective (doing the right thing) and efficient (doing things right), in all aspects of our operation and management of our talent pool. Most importantly, we are deeply concerned with our clients’ business; thus, to compromise is never an option.

Trust built on integrity.

Maintaining trust is never easy. We have to build this all the way from solid credibility and integrity. To be credible, we take responsibility in everything that we do and we draw them from our committed approach in ensuring transparency. When trust is gained, we are confident that our clients will stay and believe that our work for them will be advantageous to our long term partnerships.

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