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The world is shrinking, albeit not in the literal sense of it getting smaller! Thanks to newer and faster emergence of inventions and innovations because we are now witnessing an unprecedented shift in the way we humans communicate and conduct businesses. For business owners of all colors and stripes, the doors of opportunity are wide open, or better yet, would become even more expansive in years to come.

And wait until you hear out what experts believe where the next generation of growth for businesses is coming from. Economic prognosticators point to the fast-growing overseas markets in the Latin American countries, and in the Asia region from China, Japan to Middle East to name a few, as the new rising stars of our fast-globalizing world.

Of course, there are challenges that come along doing business in these fast-growth economies – whereby communicating in their local language is a big factor to succeed. While many customers from these markets are fast-catching up to learn a second language, there are still a majority of the population that do not speak English.

Small- to mid-range enterprises would agree that it is not only technically difficult to setup an internal call center. Financially, the cost of hiring and eventually housing an internal team of multilingual call center experts is neither viable nor manageable. Having been in the business of outsourcing contact center support, Big Outsource understands what the challenge entails and came up with a One-Stop Multilingual Contact Center Outsourcing Services.

The simple premise of our outsourced service is anchored on Big Outsource’s values and mission to help businesses cope with the rising demand to offer multilingual call center support to their customers through smartly investing in outsourcing solutions.

At Big Outsource, we strive to address the following foreign language sales and contact support needs with out multilingual contact center support outsourcing solution:

  • High-value contact and sales support in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Cantonese to name a few.
  • Multilingual solutions delivered over phone, email and live chat (this is available for both inbound and outbound call center services, back-office functions and other virtual assistance-level functions).
  • Bilingual agents with strong grasp on both written and spoken foreign language and English.
  • Offer this service on both shared and a dedicated models. Shared agents will work on more than one account at a time while dedicated agents work exclusively for your business.
  • Flexible plans suited to your specific business needs, such as call support available for a 24-hour, seven-day, local business hours only, after hours only and the likes.
  • Scalable setup that can cater to small- and medium-range businesses which require 1 to 2 seat to the large ones that require multiple seats.
  • Local phone number in your target market.

Our Multilingual Contact Center Outsourcing solutions are tailored for any e-businesses’ typical transactions:

  • Sales, Cross- sell and Upsell
  • Multilingual Contact Support
  • Multilingual Phone answering service
  • Multilingual Phone, Live Chat and E-Mail Support
  • Multilingual Technical support
  • Multilingual Social Media management