Our Hiring Process

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One of the biggest challenges most organizations are facing nowadays is the shortage of high-value knowledge workers. A McKinsey Global Institute research suggests that by 2020 the worsening shortage of highly-skilled, college-educated workers could reach 38 million to 40 million, or 13% of demand. Not only these high-skill and talented professionals are becoming companies’ most valuable assets, they are necessary drivers of growth. But where to find them because there aren’t many talented workforce to go around.

Realizing this, Big Outsource offers some help. Beside offering its outsourcing and offshoring services that allow companies to transfer some of their business processes that require scarce skills yet non-core functions, the company has established a unique hiring practices that can help you or your organization to discover exceptional and expert professionals.

Among the strategies we employ to attract and retain competent and high-skill knowledge workers include offering competitive range of salaries for each position. We determine the competitiveness of our pay structure through a survey that our Human Resources Department annually conducts. We also maintain an employee referral program because our experience dictates through such effort we are able to discover exceptional talents. We also invest in finding the best talent through partnering with local job search and advertising through major broadsheets.

Now, here is how our hiring process go:

  • Once a client ask us to work with them, we request them to give us a job description and to fill out a questionnaire which we will use to better understand what exactly they need. The questionnaire will ask the client to provide the required skillsets, experience, education and other qualifications they want their virtual talent to possess.
  • We will start locating for the rightful candidate first using our database of local talent. We also advertise through our local partner job search websites.
  • After we have arrived at a short list of candidates, we will initiate the initial interview and request them to take a technical skills test. We will show our clients the result of this process.
  • Big Outsource will set up a Skype interview with all the shortlisted candidates. Questions of the interview will be focused on the capabilities and skills that the candidates possess and qualify the to perform the required job responsibilities. Salaries and other benefit packages are not to be discussed with the candidates.
  • The client chooses the rightful candidate to hire, which Big Outsource will then hire.
  • Big Outsource prepares the employment contract for the new hire and give employee orientation session about performance expectations, employee discipline, conducts and Code of Ethics.
  • Staff start work with Big Outsource for the client.