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A companion to search engine optimization is social media.

Like what they find useful in employing SEO tactics, companies see the promise of social media marketing to market their brand and draw customers to make a transaction. Both digital marketing strategies are indispensibl in today’s business to remain relevant and competitive. Also relatively cheaper than the traditional sales and advertising tactics, social media marketing can give the fastest means to reach out directly to a target customer or market and eventually, reap sales yields out of the tactic.

With the presence of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin, companies get to enter a wide door of bigger opportunities to engage, be discovered and get noticed by users. Implementing  brand building initiatives are also best complemented by social media campaigns. Companies might either use a social media channel or the conventional advertising and sales channels in promoting their brands to target their customers in the most intimate manner possible.

Social media marketing projects are often focused on content and campaigns. Companies get to measure ROIs and user engagement faster than any of the more conventional marketing tactics that are massively employed by companies. Primarily because the engagement to the customer or users are more direct and the feedback loop is easier tracked and are often immediately visible through status updates, likes, shares and comments. More importantly, engaged customers become your own brand advocates or mouthpieces, sharing their experiences about using your product or employing your service through their social networking news streams. On the contrary, a disgruntled or disappointed customer will reflect their negative sentiments using the same social media channels.

As companies realize the vast promise of social media marketing, they either assemble a team of social media experts within the organization or seek out an agency to perform the function for them. Certain small to medium-sized companies get the service of freelance social media experts or they hire from freelancing agencies like oDesk,, and more of the likes the people who will develop and implement their marketing strategy. There is nothing wrong in hiring a virtual staff or team through any of the available talent resources today. We subscribe to the fact that in order to reap the full potential of social media marketing, businesses can try all available options depending on their budget, limitations and context.

Big Outsource’s experience and grasp of brand marketing communications and social media engagement can help assist your business achieve reap the high growth yields in terms of engagement or profits. You can explore our range of outsourcing spectrum to start building your social media marketing soon.