Motion Graphics and Effects

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Abroad, the production of motion graphics and effects is expensive that just by counting the investments for specialized software and programs alone would not fully justify the need in relation to demand.

The cost of a motion graphics professional is expensive because the cost is high to learn motion graphics concepts and special effects tricks. Thus, there is clear advantage when a particular motion graphic project or a talent is outsourced in a country like the Philippines.

Since creative and multimedia arts productions are part of Big Outsource’s bread and butter, we have always ensured that our clients from the US and Australia reap the benefits of their entrusting this aspect of this operation for their in-house or partners’ needs. Our inputs involved investment in softwares, sophisticated hardwares, and more. There is one case that we are especially proud of when we created our clients’ movie website where motion graphics and special effects are liberally developed. The whole project turned out to be successful and helped project the desired brand of the project.