Technical Support

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Technical Support Outsourcing is one of our core services at Big Outsource. Since our founding, our clients flourish because they have relied on our outsourcing strengths: we offer fast, reliable, and efficient tech support outsourcing service. Best of all, we do not over promise to our customers.

Part of our mission is to ensure that our clients derive optimal value from outsourcing to us their pre- and after-sales services and treating and guiding their customers receive the solution to their issues. To bring value to their needs, we provide them with well-trained technical support agents who will work along with them in building their wholesome brand through better customer experience.

Our technical support agents are trained to deliver different levels of support all in an effort to ease your brand from attracting negative feedbacks or returns. But we do not do all these alone. Handling complex tier level support questions entail our mutual cooperation to ensure your outsourced technical support are thoroughly trained in your products or services.

For years, the result of these cooperation with our clients and their customers have been productive. Some examples of products and services that Big outsource can offer in outsourcing technical support include digital touch-based mobile gadgets, wireless routers, desktop and mobile applications, multimedia players, streaming services, and more of the likes.

More specifically, we have been offering outsourced technical support agents to ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock technical support for your customers through email, chat, and phone.

More specifically, the Big Outsource Technical Support Outsourcing Service offer the following:

  • Technical support solution geared at helping clients build their brand reputation for improved customer loyalty and competitive edge through better customer experience.
  • Fast and reliable issue resolution at minimal support costs through efficient resource utilization.
  • Smart processes designed to increase first time resolution and reduce customer handling time.
  • Workforce expertise at handling issues starting with product and service activations, problem simulation, and diagnostics, among many others for both consumer and enterprise customer.
  • High value technical support with firm grasp of the most spoken languages and whose educational background fit your technical support needs.