3D Modeling and Animation

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The discipline to create 3D-based animations and designs require the combination of training, proficiency in using software programs, and of course, creativity.

There is no short-cut way to learning this specialized skill and we are especially conscious of this very in demand field that is massively utilized in various industries like architecture, animation and design studios, engineering, and even in health sciences.

Our investments in honing a creative talent pool at Big Outsource involve not only training, acquiring sophisticated and specialized software programs, and a hefty monthly pay. The work environment is also ensured to bring a creative atmosphere that is conducive to the creation of artworks and in stimulating creativity. We’ve studied these requirements to ensure that we deliver and offer the service at a competitive level. Abroad, just to mount a search for 3D talents is already expensive, not to mention the purchase of specific software programs, salary and the likes. Our Western-based clients are setting their eyes in low-cost countries like the Philippines because apart from the cost-advantage of outsourcing, the Philippines has plenty of creative artists who can work for their projects.