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An effective copy is a powerful communication tool that has the power to evoke the audience’s feelings and provoke them to act.

Often regarded as both an art and science, it is strategic thinking, media planning, and audience research combined with the application of aesthetic taste that help create a powerful copy.

The modern audience can easily examine and detect whether the message is sincere and accurate. Thus, the challenge for copywriters is to relay or communicate a message in a clear, consistent, coherent, and easily understandable manner before a solicited action can expect a response from the audience. Otherwise, a copy that is trite, run-of-the-mill and syntactically problematic can frustrate the audience, and affect sales prospects and the reputation of the company.

In most organizations today, the copywriter is highly in demand. While English language proficiency is a must, a copywriter is someone who is also capable of conveying the client’s brands through his knowledge and expertise of various subject matters and communication principles. Outsourcing writing service in the Philippines already exists for many decades, where companies abroad outsource their commercial ad copy writing and marketing copy writing to service providers in the country. The source of the trust include the country’s very Westernized education system where courses in advertising, marketing and business are widely offered, in addition to the Filipinos’ exposure to Western-produced advertising and marketing copy messages through the different channels of print, radio, television, and the Internet.

Big Outsource currently offer a wide-range of copywriting outsourcing services to its partners and organization customers. Our copy writers are capable of tackling and producing copy that communicate the brand message very precisely and faithfully according to our agreed ideas, themes as well as creatively crafting a written output based on your guidelines.