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business outsourcing needs

Outsourcing was originally modelled as a tactical business solution that gives cost-saving advantages to business organizations. Done right, the combination of tactical and strategic outsourcing could offer more benefits to any organization.

The advantages include a better and more effective way of solving critical challenges in terms of delivering innovative, effective cost-advantage solutions and high value services for long-term, sustained operation.Conscious and aware of the shifting business outsourcing needs of companies, Big Outsource offers our clients with a viable outsourcing solutions spectrum from the generally-accepted options to hybrid offshoring services. For clients with unique context and needs, we tailor-fit our custom models that are capable of supporting and sustaining strategic business operations of our clients and partners.

When you hire a full-time staff from us, the following items are included in our computation of the monthly fee:

  • Infrastructure costs: office space, equipment, basic software, broadband internet connection, furniture, electricity, public utilities
  • Recruitment and HRM costs
  • Health and Medical Benefits
  • Management (support) staff services: HR manager, system administrator, accountant, operational manager

Excluded in the computation of the monthly fee are:

  • Specific software licenses and proprietary development tools
  • Hardware and equipment required by organization customers