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Big Outsource specializes in providing several key outsourcing solutions that range from project-based, staff leasing, virtual captive centers to built-operate and transfer model, among others.

The company was the brainchild of the same team behind 7th Media Design Studio. With nearly a decade of running the Manila-based digital creative and technology services studio, the experience and deep grasp of offshoring prompted the need to expand its talent recruitment component.

Big Outsource became that company and with the limelight now focused in the Philippines due to its miraculous economic achievements since this last decade and the wealth of talent among its people, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities waiting to be seized in the growing outsourcing marketspace. Thus, with the rising demand for affordable yet high-value talent, Big Outsource finds a gap that must be bridged.

On top of its earnest desire to commit in championing the world-class and competitive skilled workforce of the Philippines, Big Outsource aspires to serve as your reliable and dependable outsourcing partner in a low-cost country like the Philippines for all your business needs.

Hiring a local talent or a team from the Philippines can afford you with the competitive advantage when you outsource your non-core functions to Big Outsource. Doing so will allow you to focus on managing and running the core side of your business

With Big Outsource, we also can be your Philippine partner in charge of the human resource and talent pooling segment of your business. With our top of class reputation and strategic competence, we are highly-capable of delivering the solution to your short- to long-term business vision and needs.

Our spectrum of outsourcing services in the various disciplines include creative, technical support and information technology. The non-core side of outsourcing that we offer start with giving you the ability to hire a local talent or team who’ll comprise your own back-office support, marketing and sales, even call centre support teams.

Please explore our website to learn more about Big Outsource, our offered services and expertise. Get a more comprehensive grasp just what it takes to outsource with confidence and intelligence with us.


Big Outsource is committed to providing strategic outsourcing and offshoring, high-level consulting services, and high-value talent recruitment for companies of all shapes and sizes.

To undertake this mission, we believe the following factors are necessary and expected from us to deliver: 1) grasp of the global outsourcing business; 2) learned legal and business framework of outsourcing; 3) understanding of human resource and recruitment approaches; 4) specialized knowledge and experience of the outsourcing industry, and; 5) broad linkages across the different public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, we are committed to ensuring that our outsourcing practices contribute to meeting your overall business needs and potentially your short-term and long-term growth and sustainability. We also aspire to open the opportunities and give our workforce an assured place in the competitive yet burgeoning outsourcing marketspace.

To perform the latter mission, we believe it pays to not just offer a decent paying job, but provide our staff with a healthy and enjoyable working environment. The qualities of such work offices highlight the empowerment of our high-value talent through giving of reward based on performances, encouraging of innovative and creative thinking, as well as espousing the practice of fair, ethical and equal work opportunity to all.

Finally, Big Outsource is not only helping build a progressive Philippines but a key partner in providing general welfare and social good to people for a better social welfare and development.


Big Outsource sees itself as the preferred premium outsourcing solutions provider and partner for business owners of all types, sizes and colours seeking to create an impact in a hyper-competitive global business environment.

To become a go-to-company in the outsourcing and virtual staffing sector, Big Outsource commits to providing clients with a wide spectrum of outsourcing services, including but not limited to finding fresh, competitive, and highly-motivated professionals who will work for our partners’ present and future success.

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