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“Scalable Multi-channel Support”

Words from the client

We have found Big Outsource to be a valuable partner providing quality customer service to our clients. They flexed their staffing levels up during our busiest periods to meet our seasonal needs, while providing consistently strong year-round support. We increased revenue by decreasing client wait times, without compromising the quality of support we provide.


Finance and Accounting Software-as-a-Service Company searching for a Customer Support Team to assist them in handling high volume customer inquiries.


Finding a Support Team that would be able to cater to the nature of the project in terms of scalability and provide the necessary tools and highly skilled resources. The client was unable to find a BPO Company that would agree to the seasonal setup for most of the team.


Big Outsource determined that the relationship with this specific client is invaluable in terms of experience and industry exposure, thus it acquired resources that were highly skilled and could easily adapt to different projects once the seasonal aspect of the project has finished so they can be transferred. Big Outsource started the project with around 13 resources on deployed onto the Support Department and downscaled to 3 in a span of 1 month to address the client’s seasonal needs. As an added note, Big Outsource kept all the resources that were removed from the project and deployed them onto different campaigns which required their skills and expertise.


By being able to cater to the clients specific needs, Big Outsource was able to assist the client in not only increasing the number of customer interactions but also helped the client focus on other aspects of their business.