The Power of Flexibility

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You know the common complaints around productive hours and non-productive hours spent by some employees. If you are the employer, you get the picture: you pay for the 8 or 9 hours that staff spent to work daily for you, yet you are unsure how all those hours were spent to do productive endeavors.

Within the new order of modern business, flexibility is desired. Through outsourcing, businesses – big or small – are able to increase their efficiencies through streamlined operations and cost savings. In some cases, there are jobs that only require few hours to accomplish. Isn’t it convenient to pay your staff based only on the actual productive hours that they will work for you?

Big Outsource understands these are common worries. To help you out, the company introduces its “The Power of Flexibility Program.” This virtual staffing solution offers the flexibility of employing a virtual staff to work for you in four or five hours only. For a minimum six months contract with Big Outsource, you are assured of the convenience of offshore virtual staffing.

Once you sign a contract with us, your virtual staff can start working at our office in Manila. On our part, Big Outsource will ensure that all the necessary facilities and infrastructure are made available to let your virtual staff work unhampered during their full work hours at the office. ask a patient You are also freed of the hassles of addressing the administrative functions, infrastructure support, and even human resources management.

Another big advantage of working with Big Outsource is that we endeavor to address common misconceptions and complaints against outsourcing. To ensure quality, our processes have been designed to meet specific industry standards aligned to the business objectives of our partners. also implement talent development programmes to provide clients valuable, reliable and happy employees.

Inquire how this solution can help you today and we’ll tell you more how you can take advantage of the benefits of the Big Outsource Virtual Staffing solutions.

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