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The key benefits what company can derive out of outsourcing, including cost reduction, access to high performance skills and innovation and streamlined operations are already obvious. Through the different differentiator solutions that are already available in the global outsourcing market, here is one that Big Outsource offers to companies seeking to outsource a team for their business projects or operations.

We call this solution, Bucket Hour Outsourcing. In simplest terms, this outsourcing model takes on the principle of paying the aggregate cost of employing a virtual staff through the number of hours or bucket of time that they will work for you. This means, you can start with the purchase of our minimum 600 bucket hours for a team of designers and developers who will work or complete your project or business requirements within your allotted number of hours.

Compared to Project-based Outsourcing, this solution gives you free reign to give direction to your staff while working on your project. As in most project development cycles where some staff are only required to work during the early stage of project development, Bucket Hour Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to reuse or juggle the staff who will work for the project so long as they work within the consumable hours. So it is up to you to decide which of your virtual team members you will use until you consume your purchased bucket of hours.

While there is assured savings from paying only when your staff consume the hours, Bucket Hours Outsourcing eased you off the trouble of always looking for something to ask your virtual staff. The model is also effective and useful for seasonal businesses where peak or slow periods are part of the business curve. Instead of paying the professional fee of staff even during slow or slacking off periods, Bucket Hour solution allows you to maximize your team members’ performance based on the amount of time you paid for during the contract.

We have set a fair cost for the bucket hours, which will be based on the expertise of the professionals who will comprise your virtual team. Such costing will also be determined by other factors, such as use of equipments, and more but Big Outsource will cover much of the expenses along the way. At first glance, the cost may look higher than hiring a virtual staff, but once you compute the expenses and slack off times that you are rid of paying, you will realize that the solution is more cost-effective based on your requirements. In fact, all working hours that you pay will be purely dedicated to work.

You may also obtain our Bucket Hour Outsourcing model if you are interested in assembling a temporary team of designers, developers and marketers who will work for you within your estimable timeframe. The moment you sign the contract, your virtual team will be ready to work within the hours you paid for and maximize the time allotted for the completion of work.

Some of our clients who sign a contract with us find Bucket Hour Outsourcing as an ideal option when testing the waters of outsourcing to find out in their own terms whether or not it is the more cost-effective, secure and more efficient approach before going forward to the other more expansive outsourcing solutions.

Bucket Hour Outsourcing model resolves or reduces some risks of sending works offshore, particularly when the firm outsources the wrong scope, chooses the wrong provider, negotiates a bad contract or fails to properly manage the services from the professional outsourcing provider.

With Big Outsource, you are assured that our experienced consultants are experts in leveraging the appropriate tools, technology and methodologies to identify and engage the optimal services of our talent pool to work to you depending on your situation or context, negotiate practice terms at fair market prices, and improve the way you deliver your services to your partners.

Once you have an idea of the services you need, you can approach us to discuss with you our price-competitive professional services that are flexible to your needs. We ensure that our price scheme is easy and efficient, priced correctly with no hidden fees in retainers or package deals beyond your budget.

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