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  • High-Value Talent

    As the best option designed to allow organizations build their own captive centers or own organization to manage but do not yet possess the locale resources.

  • Web Design

    Hire a virtual talent or assemble a team to design your website.

  • Careers

    Let us help you discover the best talent to help you and your company achieve more.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Learn how you can reach the full promise of your or your clients’ mobile development endeavors.

Big Outsource exists to offer several key outsourcing solutions spectrum from IT and business off-shoring business strategy, staff leasing model, to the development of virtual captive centers to companies seeking to cut costs and set-up presence in a lower cost country like the Philippines.

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    How to Use Social Media and Get Great Results

  • Customer Service Experience

    7 Customer Service Experience Lessons to Steal from Starbucks

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One of the most common outsourcing solutions around, the dedicated staffing , is geared for businesses with limited supply of in-house talent or team of skilled staff. It is common because obtaining high-value professionals and investing in employment enrichment programs are challenging as well as costly.


Some organizations have projects with low- to medium-level of complexity that outsourcing become the preferred engagement solution in order to save on cost and maximize existing resources. This option is preferred for organizations with limited staffing but constant supply of irregular but on-going...

Bucket Hour

The key benefits what company can derive out of outsourcing, including cost reduction, access to high performance skills and innovation and streamlined operations are already obvious. Through the different differentiator solutions that are already available in the global outsourcing market...

The Power of

You know the common complaints around productive hours and non-productive hours spent by some employees. If you are the employer, you get the picture: you pay for the 8 or 9 hours that staff spent to work daily for you, yet you are unsure how all those hours were spent to do productive endeavors...